Mobile Firewood Processing Services

Firewood Processing

If you have whole logs that need cut and split for firewood, you’ve absolutely got to give us a call!

We can bring our firewood processor to your property and turn your 6-14’ long logs into firewood in no time at all! The machine does best with 8” minimum and 16” maximum diameter logs. A piece of equipment will be needed to load the logs onto the machine.

If you don’t have one, we can provide a loader and operator as well.

Our processor is custom built for maximum mobility and fast setup. It is self contained with a “live deck” to feed logs into the machine. This deck will hold approximately a half cord worth of logs at a time. It has both 4 way and 6 way wedges to split ideal size pieces of wood. It is also capable of making wood into consistent lengths of your choosing, anywhere from 12” to 26”. It has an integrated conveyor to pile the wood or load a dump trailer, truck etc.

Call today to schedule an appointment to process your logs!

Our service is great for even small quantities of wood.

We specialize in BBQ Wood, Campfire and Firepit woods also.

If you are already a customer, we can include wood delivery into your regular services.  

Firewood Sales

We have premium firewood available for sale! It can be delivered or picked up at our location in northwest Jackson County, IN.

  • Inside heating wood which is strictly oak, cut to 16” length and split to a nice variety of sizes. Starting at $65 per rick, for bulk off-season pricing (wood may be green). Available for delivery or pickup by appointment only. During heating season only we will sell seasoned wood packaged in bulk bags approximately one half rick each and priced at $40 each. These bags are easily pushed out of a truck bed and will keep most weather off of the wood until it is needed. Also once the wood is removed, the mess of small debris is left in the bottom of the bag for easy cleanup!
  • Campfire wood which is 16”-20” lengths and is mixed hardwood species- available for delivery or pickup at your convenience, no appointment needed, just call ahead! This wood is well seasoned and will provide easy lighting with minimal smoke, perfect for an enjoyable evening fire. At this time we have bins of approximately ¼ rick for $25.
  • Smoker woods for cooking- Hickory, Cherry and Oak are available in any length you may need for your unit. This usually needs to be ordered well in advance so we can custom process it for your needs. We do often have some inventory of smoker woods available in 16-20” lengths that maybe seasoned, otherwise you are responsible for seasoning it yourself due to the custom order nature of it. Smoker wood is sold in ¼ rick quantities for $35.

We do take card payments in person, online, or over the phone.

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